CraftFest Cotuit
44th Annual Cotuit Arts & Crafts Festival
Saturday & Sunday - August 16 and August 17, 2014 - from 10 to 4, Rain or Shine

Cape Cod's Premier Crafts Exhibition with Free Admission, Free Parking and Free Shuttles (directions)
CraftFest 2014 Exhibitors
The Art Tent
Booths 101 & 102

Local and regional artists offer works for sale in all media under the festival’s canopies.

Learn more about exhibiting in the Art Tent

JP Glass Design
Booth 1

Fused glass wind chimes, Fused wine bottles

Lisa Feiteira
Booth 2

Fashion and Interior Accessories

Swerls Jewelry
Booth 3

Hand forged, hand engraved sterling jewelry


Chikako Designs
Booth 4

Original design Handbags and clothing

Jill Galecke
Booth 5

Home Décor with Vintage Beach Flair

JKL Jewelry Designs
Booth 6

One of a Kind Glass, Porcelain, Pearl Jewelry

Katerna Glibishchuk
Booth 7

Knitted Handmade Ponchos, Shurgs, Shawls and Tunics

Historical Society of Santuit & Cotuit
Booth 8
Lee Wynne
Booth 9

Tote bags and pillows from vintage and contemporary fabrics

The Beach Glass Store
Booth 10

Sea Glass, Framed Art, Sun Catcher

Patty Gillivan

Doreen Barton
Booth 11

Colored pencil with calligraphy

Cape Cod Henna
Booth 12

Natural henna body art

JoAnn Whittemore

Dan Hart
Booth 13

Coastal, color photographic images captured as mood studies of local communities, their harbors, vessels, their natural features, their people, and special places.

Genuine Sea Glass
Booth 14

Handcrafted Jewelry with Beach themes

J Augustino Folk Artist
Booth 15

Folk Art Paintings

Joan Augustino

Cheryl Cohen Mosaics
Booth 16

Mixed Media Mosaics

Chrissy Ann Ceramics
Booth 17

Handmade ceramic tiles, dish ware

Downs Creative
Booth 18

Hand Marbled Ceramics

America Cutter
Booth 19

Handcrafted Jewelry Design

Glass by Kristine
Booth 20

Leaded Glass with 3-D items incorporated.

Wood Carvings by
Randy & Elaine Fisher
Booth 21

Wood carvings

Booth 22

Island Clothing & Accessories

Susan Zimmerman

Dorothy Pulsifer
Booth 23

Clay functional glass fused & copper foil panels

Brown I Girl
Booth 24

Artisan created bead work

Joyce Sullivan

Patricia Sawyer
Booth 25

Iron work

Frost Hollow Publishers
Booth 26

Boys' books,sports,mysteries and adventures

Frost Hollow Puzzles
Booth 27

Wooden Name puzzles and benches, Non Toxic

K Wood Products
Booth 28

Wood Whirling Birds, See Thru Banks

Francis Kennedy

St. Michael the Archangel Church
Booth 29

Baked Goods

Booth 30

Children's clothing & accessories

Melissa Oliveira


White Cat Wool
Booth 31

Hand hooked traditional rugs and purses

Patricia Pisch

Pretty Funky
Booth 32

Hand painted boxes, organza flowers, jewelry

Booth 33

Alphabet Photography - pictures of things in nature resembling letters of the alphabet and arranged to spell a name or any desired message!

Beverly Carreiro

Swing Lane Studio
Booth 34

Artisan Jewelry

Donna Andrew-Maness

Nina Lapchyk
Booth 35

Hand painted silk scarves

Leslie Spencer
Booth 36

Glass beads

Dragon Fly Art Work
Booth 37

Chinese porcelain bead jewelry

Janet Gauland

Moon Brook Designs
Booth 38

Braided jewelry

Norma Ciofffi

Rein's Real Rye
Booth 38 A

Artisan Breads and Pastries

Rein Ciarfella


SurfSide Ceramics
Booth 39

Wheel thrown porcelain, crystalline glaze

Lyla's Designs
Booth 40

Stained glass and fused glass

Jeaninne Kincaid

Marlynn Designs
Booth 41

Fun, fashionable jewelry

Marcia Dupont

Jessica Benson
Booth 42

Handmade Gold & Silver Jewelry

Fattori Associates
Booth 43

Stoneware pottery-wheel thrown & hand built

Facebook- Jacob's Meadow Pottery

Nan Gates Designs
Booth 44

Fabric handbags and accessories

Nancy Anderson

Elizabeth's Loom Room
Booth 45

Scandinavian style hand woven rugs

Positive Energy
Booth 46 & 47

Wire wrap jewelry

Ryan Clark

Hoistaway Bags
Booth 48

Recycled sailcloth bags and garden products

Dasken Gallery
Booth 49

Handcrafted stained glass objects

Cheryl Fritz
Booth 50

Handpainted Floor Cloths


Syd Milliken
Booth 51

Fused Glass, Windchimes, Dichroic Jewelry

Paradise Glass
Booth 52

Colorful functional hand blown glassware  

Lauren Underwood

Ronald Wilson Photography
Booth 53

Color landscapes photographs Cape Cod & beyond

Christine Young
Booth 54

Handcrafted Jewelry, 14K Goldfill, Sterling Silver

Pumkin Patch Designs
Booth 55


Brenda McNamara

Cape Cod Panorama
Booth 56

Nautical panoramic photographs

Frank Best

CNW Designs
Booth 57

One of a kind handmade jewelry

Earnest Tavares
Booth 58

Seasonings, Sauces, Garlic Oils, Dips


Eileen Grady
Booth 59

Wood frame windows

Meghan Rooney
Booth 60

Fun and Fancy Handcrafted Jewelry


Habitat for Humanity,
Cape Cod
Booth 61

Selling raffle tickets for handcrafted kayak

Periwinkle Designs
Booth 62

Wreaths, trees made from driftwood, seaglass, shells

Goldie's Treasures
of Cape Cod
Booth 63

A line of nautical and refurbished lamps that are all created by Edward Goldberg of Falmouth.

Edward Goldberg


Three Bays Preservation
Booth 64

Seashell crafts

Judy Heiler

Reflections By Robin
Booth 65

Decorative window and mirror art


Bob Singer &
Jim Pennypacker,
Limited Edition Fine Art Photography
Booth 66

Not to be missed by CraftFest visitors, this stunning selection of nearly 200 collectable limited edition fine art images are all individually made, signed and numbered by these two very popular Cape Cod juried fine art photographers.

Bob Singer, Juried Master Artist and CCAA photography instructor | cell: 508-395-7295 | Website

Jim Pennypacker, Juried Artist and CCAA photography instructor | cell:401-935-4918 | Website

Bird Houses By Design
Booth 67

Painted bird houses

Chester Nelson

Holistic Treasures
Booth 68

Silver jewelry, hand - built pottery

Buffy Cave

Jean Meike
Booth 69

Specialty Foods better then jam

Deborah MacFail Designs
Booth 70

Handcrafted fine artisan jewelry

Deborah MacFail

Mountain Laurel Handwork
Booth 71

Jewelry made from Antique Buttons

Booth 72

Hand wrought gold and silver jewelry

Lynn Abravanel

Elaine Wright
Booth 73

Fine art on home accessories, painted barrel staves, house portraits, framed original paintings.

Photographs by Sandi
Booth 74
Mattapoisett Bird Works
Booth 75

Hand carved Waterbirds & Shorebirds

Adirondack Chair Co
of Cape Cod
Booth 76

Handcrafted Adirondack Style Furniture

Amanda Reynolds
Booth 77

Photography and home décor

Flying Pig Pottery
Booth 78

Functional sgraffito decorated pottery

410 Woods Hole Road
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Tessa Morgan

Rose Downing
Booth 79

Mosaic glass candle holders ,vases and frames

Guilday Glass
Booth 80

Stained Glass Suncatchers, Panels, Mirrors and Ornaments

Carol Holcomb
Booth 81

Swarovorski Crystal & Sterling Silver Jewelry

Cagibi Jewelry and Art
Booth 82
Cornucopia, Inc
Booth 83

Welded bonze designs, jewelry, wall art

Richard Kaish

Summer House Natural Soaps
Booth 84
story pictures
Booth 85

Story picture books, corky what-nots

Diane Hanna

Booth 86

Miniature bookmaker and jewelry maker

Raelinda Woad

Lester Ruth
Booth 87

Wooden toys of original design, featuring brightly-colored accent parts.

Janet Campagna
Booth 88

Fabric Dolls with matching child dresses

Ethel Kallis
Booth 89

Hand Made Bags, Totes, Travel Cases

Bass River Rope Mats
Booth 90

Handwoven Doormats

Paula Sears


Designs By Lillie
Booth 91

Madras belts, bags and totes.

Cinda McDonald

Dragonfly Handmade Soap
Booth 92

Dragonfly Handmade Soap prides itself on making lovely handmade soaps and lotions made from natural all vegetable oils, blended with fragrances & essential oils to make a wonderfully nourishing bar for your skin.

Robin Schmidt

Booth 93

Hand-crafted jewelry using the finest sterling, pearls, gemstones and glass beads.  My latest creations incorporate vintage pieces for great one-of-a-kind designs.

Trish Kozubhand

KEM Designs
Booth 94

Handcrafted Jewelry with Beach Stones

Kathleen Masterson

Roberta Karp
Booth 95

MahJongg Theme & Handcrafted Jewelry


Orion's Belt Buckle
Booth 96

Fused glass wind chimes, Fused wine bottles

Dolloff's Designs
Booth 97

Doll clothes for 18" dolls & accessories

Photos by Suzanne
Booth 98


Suzanne Livingstone

The Silk Worm Florist
Booth 99

Home & Garden décor, mixed mediums

Margaret O'Brien
Booth 100

Baby Quilts, Purses, Aprons

Sea House Design
Booth 103

Shells, Sea Glass Frames, Mirrors, Lanterns

Frederick Weisskopf
Booth 104

Wooden items, antique silverware jewelry

As The Wood Turns
Booth 105

Hand turned on wood lathe

Tony Boucino

Felt Sutra
Booth 106

Handbuilt Wearable Art, Fine Silk and Merino Wool

Stephen Oliver
Booth 107

Unique Graphic Peace Designs on Tee Shirts


Helen Mancini
Booth 108

Unusual Plates with Beaded Servers

Mary Jean Thibodeau
Booth 109

Quilted designs with a modern twist, quilts place mats

Joyce Baker
Booth 110

Custom fabric handbags & accessories


Jewelry of
Sprin Brook Farm
Booth 111

Nautical Jewelry

Martha Ann Edminster

Christine Cotton
Booth 112

Handmade lampwork glass beads

All About Sea Glass
Booth 113

Authentic sea glass jewelry

Paula Fedele

The Pampered Kitty
Booth 114

Hand-crafted items for cats & cat lovers

Jan Raffaele

Susan Hersey
Booth 115

Quilted handbags and totes

Handbags come in bright colors, black, brown and neutral shades.  Several sizes to choose from. All have interior pockets.


Fleetwood Photography
Booth 116

Fine Art Photography

Donald Fleet

Artful Hand Jewelry
Booth 117

Lampwork & Gemstone Jewelry

Mindy Tagher